What Level Are You?

I'm Brand New

I'd like to get you started with my free 7 Day Rhythm course. It's designed to give you a quick introduction to the basics of rhythm and how to write it down, which is the first thing to learn in any instrument.

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I Need More

If you're a brand new beginner but you'd like more than just a quick course, I have a 4 week course option for you, which includes ongoing feedback from me via email / Facebook / video chat while you're taking the course. 

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I Want to Improvise

If you're not great at improvisation and you want to start learning how, I have a course for you called "Lead Sheets and Jamming", which will get you started. You can check out a good portion of that course for free.

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Once You've Signed Up For a Course...


You'll step through the lessons one at a time.

  • at your own pace

  • repeat as often as you need to

  • access to the course never expires

  • ask me questions about your progress

We can discuss your progress through email, on Facebook, or through video (either live, or by recorded video from your phone.)