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August 28, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

It was still just dark enough outside to use headlights. As the Texas sun hadn't yet risen in full force, the temperature was relatively pleasant. My bluetooth radio automatically kicked on and some chill funky jazz threatened to lull me into that sense of evening rest that shouldn't kick in until dinnertime - but I let it play anyway.

I was on my way to Buc-Cee's, a Texas favorite store where I go daily for breakfast. I had hoped to beat the school buses by leaving a little earlier than usual. No such luck.

As I rounded the last corner in my neighborhood, I caught sight of a man I met last night. He's the parent of a new student. I smiled, pointed at him and waved emphatically. He returned in kind.

Justin Nielsen said, "The purpose of music is to transform suffering into beauty through human connection." I cannot think of a better way to characterize why we pursue music.

This moment I shared, however fleeting - it was connection. Recognition of a friendly person--a neighbor--in this world which can sometimes be savage in its loneliness.

My friend, do not forget to connect with someone today. When you'd rather move on with your busy schedule, and your question of "How are you?" was merely cursory and polite, consider taking a moment to breathe and to listen instead.

When they cut you off in traffic, consider forgiving them immediately so you don't dampen the human connections which will follow, when you arrive at your destination.

And don't forget to connect with yourself.

Andy Grall
Andy Grall

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February 25, 2020

Love this reminder! It’s so simple to be kind…people remember kindness. Well done my friend. ♥️

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