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I teach piano in Richmond, Tx and online.
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  • Reading music ✅Writing music ✅Improvising ✅
  • Blues ✅Jazz ✅Rock ✅
  • Pop ✅Country ✅Classical ✅


I'm so happy to be able to work with Mr. Andy. In just a few weeks, he has helped me to bring the song that I created to life and has helped me with some incredible piano theory. I'm so excited to continue to work with him, and I highly recommend him.

Katarina Escobar
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Are you an adult student?


Adult students come to me all the time and say things like,

"I was never into classical music so I found lessons to be boring."

No problem! We can learn other styles. In fact, modern styles like Pop, Rock and Blues can be much easier to play than classical.

"I never got the hang of reading the notes on the page."

No problem! There are a ton of people who can't read a lick but can play like it's nobody's business. We can learn to play without reading - or I can teach you how to read "lead sheets", which are much simpler to understand than entire scores of sheet music.


Andy is excellent. He's passionate about what he does, and he really takes the time to get to know you. What makes you tick, what you're interested in, and then he formulates a plan that works for you.

Also, his ability to relay why you want to do certain things a certain way - that's what makes Andy truly great. He takes the time to really get this information across to you.

I highly recommend that you give Andy a try.

Felix Tang
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Are you interested in songwriting?

You get melodies in your head, and/or lyrics, but you don't know where to take it from there. Two options:

1. We can co-write it together - me at the piano and you directing what you want to do as I offer suggestions.

2. I can show you how to figure out the chords on your own.

Or, some mixture of these two.

After we write something, we can take it to a recording studio! (I work with a guy that does great work at reasonable prices.)

I'm an adult - isn't it too late to start learning piano?

Shoot, no. There's a myth going around that you have to start piano when you're young. You don't. 

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There are a lot of things I like about him.

1. He's really patient.

2. He knows a lot about music.

3. When he explains things he breaks it down to where I can understand. It's great!

Andrea Bacorn

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 Review of Andy's Piano Lessons in Richmond TX

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