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Do you have a song in your head you need help writing down?

Maybe your kid has come up with a song and doesn’t know what to do next - how to put chords or instruments with it.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to write songs and you’re starting from scratch!

If any of this sounds familiar, I can help.

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Recently I had the pleasure of helping a young singer finish her song, from arranging it with the right chords to producing the full track in the studio! Here’s a blog post detailing the whole process, with video.

Remote recording

Do you have a track you need piano, organ or keyboard recorded on remotely? I will do that for you for a $120 flat fee per track, with up to three revisions.

If you need guitar, electric guitar, bass, acoustic drums, ukulele, pedal steel guitar, or male or female vocals in a variety of styles - I can accommodate you there as well, as I contract with many professional musicians to provide these services. Also $120 flat fee for the track, up to three revisions.